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A blog about bike design, theory, and primarily urban riding, not new product reviews.

  • Contra Faffing, or Dressing For the Destination

    We are experiencing typical March weather for Minnesota right now. The kind that can make it somewhat frustrating to dress for when you’re riding a bike. The morning ride into work is about 20 degrees F, and the ride home about 40. There are two ways to approach this kind of weather. One of my…

  • ADHD & The Saddlebag System

    One of the first accessories I purchased when I returned to cycling as an adult was a Carradice Barley saddlebag. Truly the Goldilocks of bags. Eternally handsome in olive canvas and honey leather, just big enough to carry a day’s worth of stuff, perfectly useful in tandem with additional bags on a tour, stalwart and…

  • Transport and Sport: N+1 & The Question of All-Rounders

    Different kinds of bikes produce different kinds of rides. The form of a bike circumscribes what may be done well with it. This is so blandly obvious it seems silly even to mention, but I wanted to follow through on the topic of integration. When I was first riding again as an adult one of…

The Author

ADH writes and rides in Minneapolis.