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A blog about bike design, theory, and primarily urban riding, not new product reviews.

  • Of Hacks & Zip Ties IV: The Big Traveler

    Right around the time of building up the XO-2, though I can’t recall the exact timeline, my partner and I decided it would be fun to snag a matching set of Schwinn Travelers, one a classic diamond and the other a mixte. I don’t recall what the listed size was but it turns out mine […]

  • Of Hacks & Zip Ties III: The XO-2

    Even though I was mostly happy with the Space Horse, something happened that awoke the N+1 bug in me: Compass [sic] announced the release of the Rat Trap Pass tires. These 26×2.3 beasts came complete with an adventure write up in BQ. In that issue there was the immortal picture of Peter Weigle in a […]

  • Of Hack & Zips Ties Part II: The Space Horse

    In the first post of this series I talked about the vintage Trek that started my adult bike journey. The longer I rode it the more I felt that I needed a “better” machine. My primary reasoning was that with fenders all I could fit on the Trek were 32mm tires, and the bike was […]

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ADH writes and rides in Minneapolis.